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Elena - Displaced Reality

Hauke thiessen elena cellar

Not all assets in the cellar are created by me, namely the clutter on the desk and the textures of the papers and posters.

Hauke thiessen serverroom
Hauke thiessen server

The server consists of 3990 Tris

Hauke thiessen servertextur

Note: The in-game server uses additional textures for the blinking lights, these textures are not included in here.

Hauke thiessen videoraum

Lennard's office was redesigned late in production. Therefore, the design uses many modular pieces since it had to be realized very quickly.

Hauke thiessen videoraum3
Hauke thiessen videoraum4
Hauke thiessen videoraum2
Hauke thiessen elenadust2

This coffee machine shows the dust shader in action. The game evolves around the idea to explore a house that becomes more and more desolated while playing, so the need for a procedural solution was obvious.

Elena - Displaced Reality

Elena is an adventure game that started as a student project. I was one of the 3D artists and was responsible for achieving the targeted performance, especially for the VR mode