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Ancient chinese hostel

Hauke thiessen asianscene front

One of my goals for the scene was to explore modularity. Therefore, many assets share textures. Variation is achieved through various tricks like randomly offset UVs and the use of vertex colors for blending or tinting.

Hauke thiessen asianscene totale2
Hauke thiessen bells
Hauke thiessen bells texture

Note that the moss growing on the beams is not in the texture, but is blended on the mesh in the material to make sure that the moss looks consistent throughout the scene.

Hauke thiessen logs

Several materials use random UV offsets. Unreal actually has a built-in function for per-instance random values, but since it's not usable with static meshes, I use a custom material function for this.

Hauke thiessen rocks

The rocks are used mainly as filler, therefore they have no custom textures or a detailed geometry.

Hauke thiessen rocks graph

The material for the rocks blends between moss- and a rock material, using the world orientation as mask, refined with a mask texture and the use of vertex colors. Since tri-planar mapping is used, the rocks can be freely scaled in the scene.

Ancient chinese hostel

Especially the lush vegetation and the lighting proved a challenge to me. This scene was also my first time working with speedtree and I am quite happy with the results, so I am definetely going to use it again in the future